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Meet The Writer

Brandi L. McDowell is a successful playwright, theatre director, and aspiring screenwriter from Dallas, TX. She enjoys writing drama and stories about hidden historical figures, mostly women. With experience in the construction and mental health fields, Brandi can write and connect with any subject matter or genre: current and historical events, politics, or social awareness; drama, musical theatre, tragedy, comedy, and theatre of the absurd.


Since 2013, Brandi has written, directed, and produced three of her original works and directed several more throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. In 2016, she was afforded the opportunity to work with theatre heavy-weights Will Power and Jonathan Norton at the Dallas Theatre Center, along with being interviewed by D-Magazine as a rising theatre artist.


Upon completing her Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program at Full Sail University, Brandi will enter production for her fourth play entitled, “Water Over a Bridge.” An excerpt from this same play granted her the opportunity to present alongside four other playwrights in the City of Addison’s 24-Hour Play festival. She received timeless reviews and went on to direct a play at a Women’s Day Festival.


Brandi has shown true flexibility and diversity in the workplace, and her creative capabilities know no bounds, everything she has accomplished on stage can expand to the television or movie screen.


In between parenting her son, Michael, Brandi can be found watching “Greys Anatomy,” “Queen Sugar,” or the documentary section of Netflix.


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"It is an artist's duty to reflect the times." - Nina Simone